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We're the Ecosystem Company

We’re on a mission to make the information around us more accessible, one ecosystem at a time.


Team Members

We call ourselves EcoMappers. Yeah…seriously



Web Design is the best, just saying



In our favorite ecosystem, Baltimore, Maryland


Women & Person of Color

It helps when you’re Female & Black-founded

Forever Pava

In memoriam of the life and legacy of
Our Values

The EcoMap Mission

Information Should be Accessible

From our internal culture of transparency to the information we share with customers, we believe in making information accessible in order to make outcomes more equitable.

Give Back to the Local Ecosystem

Communities grow when businesses thrive in place. We’re dedicated to supporting our home ecosystem by creating jobs, spending locally, and giving our time to our city.

Diversity is not a Checkbox, it's an Advantage

Ecosystems come in every shape and size, and so does our team. EcoMap is diverse in background, perspectives, experiences, and interests – and we’re better off for it.

All Ecosystems have Incredible Assets

Every ecosystem has amazing people, organizations, resources, opportunities, and more. We aim to help all ecosystems find, understand, and showcase these assets.

Our People

Meet the EcoMappers

  • Sherrod Davis

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Smitha Gopal

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Ed Scmalzle

    VP of Engineering

  • Eddie Micklovic

    Chief of Staff

  • Eric Sauter

    VP of Product

  • Maria Ulayyet

    Chief of Staff

  • Anna Brinley

    Director of Data

  • Denise Nadal

    Director of Product Design

  • Eden Ryan

    Director of People Operations

  • Kevin Carter

    Director of Business Development

  • Thom Huenger

    Director of Customer Experience

  • Paige McDonald

    Lead Customer Experience Manager

  • Richard Call

    Customer Experience Manager

  • Akili Tobechi II

    Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Expert

  • Ben Carsley

    Data and Machine Learning Engineer

  • Brendan Brady

    Data Specialist

  • Duncan Wood

    Jr. Full Stack Engineer

  • Hope Chang

    Product Designer

  • Jared Gibb

    Senior Platform Engineer

  • Jasmine Everett

    Marketing Associate

  • Jean Zouck

    Data Strategist

  • Leslie Scott

    Research Analyst

  • Marcel De Pontbriand

    Lead Data Engineer / Data Scientist

  • Marcus White

    Product Designer

  • Markise Williams

    Account Executive

  • Valentine Okundaye

    Data Engineer I

  • Vanessa Rennock

    Data Intern

 + You!

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