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The Power of Innovation Ecosystems & Workforce Development

Dive into the latest Ecosystem Talks webinar! Join Sherrod Davis and Louis Stewart in an exciting conversation around innovation ecosystems and workforce development

Join Sherrod Davis, CEO at ecomap Technologies, and Louis Stewart, head of strategic initiatives at Nvidia, to discuss:

  • Ecosystem Impact: Focusing on how ecosystems play a crucial role in innovation, workforce development, and fostering AI literacy for thriving communities and industries.
  • Role and Initiatives: Louis Stewart’s involvement in driving AI adoption, working with educational institutions (HBCUs, Hispanic-serving institutions, etc.), and his role in Sacramento’s innovation ecosystem.
  • Challenges and Catalysts: Challenges faced in building ecosystems including policy discussions, community engagement, and university collaborations. The catalyst for his role as the first Chief Innovation Officer in Sacramento.
  • Industry Engagement and Success Metrics: Importance of industry engagement, upskilling, and partnerships with educational institutions. Success measured by the impact on communities, enabling individuals to succeed within the ecosystem.

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Louis Stewart currently is the Head of Strategic Initiatives for NVIDIA’s global Developer Ecosystem. In his role, he is responsible for working with minority-serving institutions, government entities, industry partners, and a variety of affinity groups to build relationships that enable an increase in tech preparedness, grow the overall developer base, and foster a more inclusive AI community. Mr. Stewart served as the City of Sacramento’s first Chief Innovation Officer before joining NVIDIA. His role within the City was to promote and drive long-term economic growth and job creation through innovation. Mr. Stewart was focused on bridging the public-private divide, reducing process, and growing a strong and vibrant business community. He also encouraged an innovation-driven economy by supporting entrepreneurs, revenue-generating businesses and the creation of high-quality jobs. Mr. Stewart is a service-based leader who embodies the belief that he cannot be a success without helping others be successful. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram or at

Sherrod is the CEO and co-founder of EcoMap Technologies. A Baltimore native, Sherrod has worked for several local startups in operational leadership roles including TrackOFF (acquired by Avast Software) and Protenus. At EcoMap, he’s responsible for revenue operations and developing the team. Outside of work, Sherrod serves on the board of Codein the Schools and Retrain America. He also helped to found and serves on the steering committee for Baltimore Tracks, a local coalition intent on improving diversity in tech in Baltimore. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter

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