Evolving EcoMap: Transforming Information into Intelligence

Ecosystems are everywhere. They existed well before we started analyzing them, and when we did start to ask questions about what purpose they serve and who benefits, we unearthed questions that continue to help us do big things in big ways. 

We, at EcoMap, have witnessed the ecosystem approach solve challenges in affordable housing, strengthen K-12 initiatives, and enhance hobbies like stamp collecting. At EcoMap, we pride ourselves not only on developing proven, data-driven SaaS products for diverse communities but also on understanding and embracing what’s in the future and how we can best support entrepreneurs and small business ecosystems in that future.

Our latest brand iteration demonstrates that dichotomy, how we transform information into intelligence. Ecosystem intelligence is the next generation of what we’ve been doing with ecosystem information for the last five years. 

  •  It empowers customers by giving them access to historically inaccessible insights.
  •  It helps them make better, data-driven decisions and operate more efficiently.
  •  It makes information accessible to make outcomes more equitable.

For too long, old methods and tools have been used to support the ecosystems we operate in. This brand refresh elevates and signals future orientation around ecosystems in service of making them sustainable, long-lasting, and successful.

We approached our brand evolution the same way we approach our evolution as a team and company: with intention and purpose. 

Our new brand colors are named after Baltimore neighborhoods—’Patterson Purple,’ ‘Guilford Gold,’ and ‘Remington Red’—because it was our beloved late Co-Founder & CEO, Pava Marie LaPere’s mission to establish EcoMap in Charm City as a crucial part of the community, and we continue to be made and grown with love in Baltimore. This place is an important part of our story.

Each hub and spoke in our new logo represents the various data assets we curate in our processes. Every ecosystem consists of data assets, and we, as a company, prioritize the curation of resources, organizations, events, jobs, news, and people. These are depicted by the six hubs and spokes placed in a rotating position … with one missing.

This missing spoke means a lot more than the ones that are present. Often, as is the case in life or ecosystems, silence speaks the loudest. As a team, the missing spoke symbolizes Pava, who will always be honored, remembered and acknowledged as a part of us. Her presence will always be felt, even when it’s not seen. 

Ecosystems are ever-changing. The missing spoke also symbolizes the future, the open plains of possibility, the areas and assets we have yet to uncover that will open doors for our clients to strengthen their ecosystems.

Information—and intelligence—should be accessible to all. Diversity is an advantage in teams and every ecosystem. A diversity of thought creates stronger intelligence, and when intelligence is informed by diverse thought, it creates positive change for ecosystems. Conscious leadership is one of our core values, and this missing spoke also symbolizes those unheard voices that deserve a space in ecosystems so we all can thrive.

This brand evolution speaks to everything EcoMap has been and will be. When working in a space with such complex networks of people, organizations and resources, we believe EcoMap can be the clear solution that cuts through the noise. 

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